//Wet Rooms – How to Create the Perfect Showering Space

Wet Rooms – How to Create the Perfect Showering Space

Showers come in so many styles, from simple slide rail kits to statement shower systems complete with rainfall shower head and massaging body jets, so there’s something to suit every requirement. Your choice of shower will also depend upon your available budget too, but always buy the best you can afford.

Rainfall shower heads are a stylish option for any bathroom, but it’s a good idea to fit a separate hand shower as well, so you can rinse and clean around the shower area with ease.

Shower heads that are recessed into the ceiling are becoming a popular choice – these create a seamless look and deliver a refreshing rainfall effect. Add body jets for a spa-like feel and to complete your new shower.

When it comes to shower valves, a concealed design is a must for continuing the sleek minimal look of your wet room. Make sure it’s thermostatic to ensure a safer showering experience. A thermostatic valve incorporates anti-scald technology for peace of mind.

Thermostatic shower panels are another great option for wet rooms. These are easy to install, and incorporate a shower head, handset and body jets into one panel. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any decor.

Just bear in mind that if you are choosing a powerful shower, then you will need to fit a drain that can handle high volumes of water efficiently. A channel-style drain that fits flush to floor and collects water across its full width, is a good option. Make sure the drain has an easy to access dirt trap to ensure the water runs away freely.

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